Dog Wheelchairs

Ordering and Fitting Dog Wheelchairs at Scuba Sams

Puppy dog in a four-wheel quad full support dog wheelchair

If your pet is suffering from a long-term issue, rehabilitating from an injury, or simply in need of mobility support, Walkin' Pets' range of dog wheelchairs are perfect for you.

At Scuba Sam's, we can take your dog's measurements, order in the best dog wheelchair for your pet's needs, and fit your dog to your new device.

The dog wheelchair will provide excellent support for your pet as they regain their mobility and recover from injuries.

By supporting your dog and reducing some of the load that your dog places on the ground when they walk, you dog will benefit from an active recovery while staying mobile, fit, and happy.

Click here to contact the Scuba Sam's team in Wylie today - we'll measure your dog, order your new dog wheelchair, and fit your new dog wheelchair to your pet.

Benefits of Dog Wheelchairs

Fully Adjustable

Walkin' Pets dog wheelchairs and pet wheel attachments are fully adjustable and can be set up to fit any dog.

We can also fit and order Walkin' Pets dog wheelchair frame sizes for small, medium, and large dogs.

On top of this, you can choose from a simple 2-wheel dog wheelchair, a rear dog wheelchair, or a full support 4-wheel dog wheelchair for your pet. 

Supports Your Dog's Mobility

Dog wheelchairs are perfect for supporting your dog's mobility, rehabilitating injuries, or simply providing a better life for your aging pet.

Your dog will be more comfortable and, if they experienced a serious injury in the past or are currently rehabilitating from an injury, our dog wheelchairs will improve your pet's mobility and support their rehabilitation journey.

High-Quality and Strong Materials

Walkin' Pets uses pet-friendly materials to create and construct their dog wheelchairs.

As a result, their dog wheelchairs are sturdy, strong, robust, and made to a medical-grade quality.

Your new high-quality dog wheelchair will support your pet's recovery, no matter their size, breed, or requirements. Contact us to discuss dog wheelchair measurements and other information today.

Why Choose A Dog Wheelchair?

Walkin' Pets' range of dog wheelchairs provide many benefits for pets facing mobility challenges. With a simple measurement process, their dog wheelchairs are perfect for pets of any size, height, length, width, or breed. 

At Scuba Sam's, we can adjust your dog's new wheelchair to make sure it fits them properly. On top of this, we can fit and order a wide range of dog wheelchairs including back leg wheelchairs, front leg wheelchairs, and quad wheel dog wheelchairs.

By adding a front wheel attachment to a back leg wheelchair, we can even turn your two-wheel support frame into a full support dog wheelchair.

Your new dog wheelchair can be integrated into any physical therapy and strength training exercises that your vet has prescribed.

This will help your dog rehabilitate faster, improve their mobility, and improve their general quality of life if they suffer from long-term injuries or issues such as arthritis.

For pets with weak front and back legs, we recommend the full support dog wheelchairs which provide mobility assistance, sturdy supports, and can be adapted to fit your dog.

Designed by pet mobility experts and tested by professional vets, Walkin' Pets' range of dog wheelchairs offer medical-grade quality at an affordable price point, ensuring that your pet's health and happiness isn't out of reach.

On top of this, Walkin' Pets uses high-quality pet-safe materials to create their dog wheelchairs. Contact us today to learn more about Walkin' Pets' dog wheelchairs, enquire about ordering one for your pet, or send in your dog's measurements.

rear dog wheelchair medium sized dog
rear dog wheelchair small sized dog

When Should You Consider Getting a Dog Wheelchair?

Quad four wheel full support dog wheelchair

Dog wheelchairs are ideal for pets with injuries, long-term issues, or mobility problems. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider getting a dog wheelchair:

  • Help your dog to walk, run, and improve their mobility
  • Prevent any additional injuries during your dog's rehab
  • Support your pet if they suffer from long-term issues such as arthritis or injuries
  • Reduces the stress on your dog's legs and back
  • Enabling injured dogs to continue moving around and staying active during a long recovery
  • Empowering your vet's treatments and supporting your dog as they recover from an injury or illness

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Dog Wheelchair FAQs

Who are Walkin' Pets?

Walkin' Pets are a well-known and reputable supplier of high-quality dog wheelchairs and other dog rehabilitation devices. One of their most popular products is the Full Support/4-Wheel Wheelchair which provides robust mobility support for injured dogs, dogs that are rehabilitating, or dogs with mobility-affecting illnesses.

How can Scuba Sam's help?

At our facility in Wylie, Texas, we are able to measure your dog, order the right dog wheelchair from Walkin' Pets, and fit the new dog wheelchair to your pet. Click here to contact a member of the Scuba Sam's team and we will get back to you with more information about dog wheelchairs and how to order one for your pet.

I don't want my dog to rely on a wheelchair. Is it too early?

It's a good idea to get a reliable dog wheelchair for your rehabilitating dog. The dog wheelchair acts as a walking frame and provides stability and support for your dog as they recover. Your dog won't rely on the wheelchair or be dependent on it for future movements - it simply supports your dog as they regain and improve their mobility over time.

What are the benefits of dog wheelchairs?

Dog wheelchairs provide excellent support for your pet as they rehabilitate after an injury or recover from an illness. At Scuba Sam's, we can take your dog's measurements and fit your dog with a brand-new dog wheelchair from Walkin' Pets. The dog wheelchair can accommodate pets of any size, weight, or breed, and can be modified depending on your dog's specific needs and requirements.

Dog wheelchairs are a great option for pet owners looking to rehabilitate their dog after an injury. By supporting your dog's movement and balance, you can keep your dog mobile and ensure that they're still moving around, exercising, and staying active.

The dog wheelchair can also help dogs that are overweight by encouraging them to exercise without stressing their joints.

How does a dog wheelchair help to rehabilitate my pet?

Dog wheelchairs support your pet as they rehab from an injury by supporting their body, improving their mobility, and gradually easing them into exercises. They are especially helpful for pets who cannot put all of their weight on their front or back legs.

A rear dog wheelchair will provide some support for your dog, whereas a full support wheelchair will keep your dog upright and enable them to walk and move around without stressing an existing injury or overworking their body after a serious injury.

Do you offer refurbished dog wheelchairs?

We can provide refurbished dog wheelchairs here at Scuba Sam's. To enquire about a refurbished dog wheelchair, please contact a member of our team here and we will get back to you soon.