Benefits of Canine Hydrotherapy

Low-Stress Exercise

Hydrotherapy swim sessions are excellent ways to exercise your pet.

By using our heated pool or underwater treadmill, your dog can safely exercise without putting excess stress on its joints.

Conditioning can help reduce injuries from occurring and allows a dog who usually finds walking on land hard, to freely move.

Your Pet Loves It!

Hydrotherapy sessions are perfect for dogs that are suffering from long-term injuries or recovering from a painful surgery.

It is also a great way to allow your dog to safely have fun in the water – ask us about our fun and fitness sessions!

A hydrotherapy treatment every 2 weeks can increase your dog's serotonin levels which is the 'happiness hormone'!

Relaxing and Builds Strength

Canines that have especially tight muscles or joints will benefit from a hydrotherapy session.

The water and physical activity during our hydrotherapy treatment sessions can loosen their muscles and relax their bodies.

Hydrotherapy treatments are also perfect for dogs that need to recover and regain their strength after a surgery or injury.

What Are The Benefits of Hydrotherapy For Your Dog?

The benefits of swim therapy for your pet are innumerable. 

First, hydrotherapy is a great form of exercise! 

Recreational hydrotherapy is a great way to add physical conditioning exercises that help increase stamina and endurance as well as strengthen muscles, all of which can not only improve athletic performance but also help guard against muscle strain and injuries.

The water provides increased resistance but also buoyancy which means there is little or no stress placed on the joints.

Hydrotherapy is fantastic for rehabilitation and easing older pets joints and muscles.

Additionally, the warm water provides a natural support which helps to relieve your pet's pain and loosen tight muscles.

The hydrotherapy session allows your pet to regain mobility in a safe, comfortable, and low-impact environment, and the hydrostatic pressure can reduce any swelling or inflammation on your pet.

Your pet’s cardiovascular health will also improve because of our hydrotherapy sessions, as water provides the perfect level of resistance for dogs that are recovering from an injury, regaining mobility, or unable to exercise properly on land. 

Examples of Conditions We Can Treat With Hydrotherapy

Examples of conditions that we can treat:

  • Rehabilitation after surgery – the most common being ACL repair, FHO and spinal
  • Arthritis
  • Canine conditioning
  • Puppy exercise
  • Hind limb weakness
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Weight management
  • Canine injuries where surgery is being avoided – i.e. luxating patella’s and partial knee tears
  • End-of-life care and elderly pet support

Underwater Treadmill Treatments

Our training was completed in the UK, where hydrotherapy is far more known and advanced. Our sessions never leave your dog unattended or simply tied up in the treadmill to walk for long periods of time.

We pride ourselves in taking a hands-on approach so that we can gain as much as we can from each session, including other water based exercises in-between reps.

The treadmill is a perfect place to start if you are concerned your pup won’t like the water. We always use the treadmill when dealing with any dogs who are recovering from surgery, an injury or who have spinal conditions.

We have found that the treadmill can help strengthen a dog’s core and improve their overall balance. We see increased muscle strength through the spine and overall improvement in their condition.

As the treadmill is weight bearing, it is harder for some dogs when compared to the hydro pool.

Underwater Treadmill temperature: 87 degrees

Hydrotherapy Pool Treatments

Great care goes into ensuring all of our patients that we treat are safe but mostly that they are happy. Our pool offers us the ability to treat dogs who find walking on land hard, again never left unattended we provide a hands-on experience. 

Most of the dogs entering the pool will always wear a life vest and we will tailor a plan that suits the individual.

The hydro pool provides a non-weight bearing environment, whilst also still providing the same benefits as the treadmill to a certain extent.

We use the pool a lot for our fun and fitness sessions as we find dogs enjoy jumping off of the ramp to collect toys.

We have seen from our own geriatric dog Sam, that swimming has helped him to stay on his feet and be comfortable – keeping his spondylosis under control.

Hydrotherapy pool temperature: 89 degrees

Hydrotherapy Jacuzzi Spa

We are privileged to have this handmade jacuzzi spa to use after our hydrotherapy sessions.

Slightly warmer than the pool and treadmill, it helps in removing toxins from the muscles after exercise so as to reduce any stiffness.

Blood flow is increased to aid in arthritic joints and along with some massage, we have your pup feeling relaxed in no time.

Our spa can be used as a standalone service or is included in our hydrotherapy sessions.

Jacuzzi spa temperature: 99 degrees