Shockwave Therapy

Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

Increased Mobility and Health

Shock wave treatment can help speed healing of soft tissue injuries, manage chronic pain for 6-12 months, and can improve mobility and performance.

It improves blood circulation, promotes tissue regeneration, reduces inflammation, breaks up calcifications, and dissolves scar tissue, providing relief for musculoskeletal conditions.

Regenerative Effects

Studies of shockwave therapy for dogs have shown positive results in improving bone healing, soft tissue damage, joint inflammation, and both the progression and pain of osteoarthritis.

Safe and Clinically Proven

Shockwave therapy is clinically proven, sedation-free and non-invasive.

If you're looking for a safe treatment that will help your pet steadily recover, look no further than Scuba Sam's shockwave therapy sessions.

What Is Shockwave Therapy?

When people hear the term shock wave, they often think of electrical shock.

However, a shock wave is simply a fast, energy-carrying sound wave.

Although applied externally, these waves can travel through living tissue and induce biological changes that modulate inflammation, decrease pain, and promote healing.

Shock wave therapy is applied superficially, and its focused, high-energy sound wave is released when it reaches an area of high acoustic impedance, such as a bone-tendon interface or the surface of a cell.

This energy causes cells to exude an array of anti-inflammatory, angiogenic, and osteogenic proteins that modulate inflammation, increase blood supply, and lead to bone formation.

Cytokines are released that return chronic conditions to the acute stage to initiate the healing process. 

Angiogenic growth factors are secreted that improve functional capillary density, allowing for a greater blood supply to the area and thus promoting healing.

Common conditions that shockwave is used for:

- Tendon and ligament injuries (shoulders, achilles, partial ccl tears)
- Bone Fractures (delayed or non-unions, post-tplo)
- Osteoarthritis/Joint inflammation and pain
- Wounds/Lick Granulomas
- Shoulder instability

PiezoWave 2 Shockwave Therapy Machine